Promo Partners Inc.

Our Programs Include

  • Proprietary Database
  • Completely Turnkey
  • Opt-In Only Participation
  • Regional or National Distribution
  • Physical Audits
  • Program Recaps
Beauty: Day Spas, Salons & Barbershop Product Sample Marketing

Day Spas, Salons and Barbershops are perfect outlets in which to reach women and/or men while they are relaxing and taking time away from their stressful lives. Wide varieties of brands may use this opportunity to provide samples during these times of indulgence.

Promo Partners, Inc. partner venues are the best within their market. Day Spas, Salons and Barbershops must OPT-IN to each program, whether national or tailored to a regional promotion.

Health and Wellness: Gym, Yoga, Barre Product Sampling Marketing

As more and more adults become concerned with their health and well being, many pursue an active lifestyle at health clubs, circuit gyms, yoga studios, barre classes and women’s only health clubs.

Utilizing the OPT-IN solicitation process, samples are shipped according to the active membership of each location. These product sampling programs are national and can be scaled as necessary.

Medical Providers: Doctor Office Product Sampling Marketing

Promo Partners, Inc. offers a wide variety of professional specialist offices. Brands receive an implied professional endorsement when sampled through physician offices. Doctor offices must OPT-IN to each program, which ensures that each specialist will be eager to deliver samples.

Programs are built around the brand’s need to reach a specific target: whether generalists such as primary care physicians and dentists or specialists such as diabetes educators or Periodontists. Each professional specialty has a national distribution that can be scaled to a regional promotion. Medical offices are the ideal outlet for product sampling programs.

Intercept Product Sampling Marketing

Promo Partners, Inc.’s intercept marketing program is entirely customizable. Brand Ambassadors provide hand-to-hand delivery of samples to the target audience.

Whether on the street or operating from a central location such as a train or bus station, Promo Partners, Inc. can deliver samples to any targeted audience. This program may include branded clothing, saddle bags, and banners. This additional service helps increase the effectiveness of your sampling product marketing program.

Travel Marketing- Hotel Sample Product Marketing

Promo Partners, Inc. can sample nationally at hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and inns. Our proprietary partner venues provide the ability to reach target consumer audiences.

Samples may be distributed at various areas on the property: such as the front desk, the night stand, or the powder room. Hotel properties must OPT-IN to each program, which ensures the each location will be eager to deliver samples. These national programs can be tailored to specific regions.

Direct-To-Home Sample Product Marketing

Brands can reach consumers right where they may utilize product samples the most, in the home. Sophisticated mapping ensures that target customer demographics will receive product samples with utmost precision. The Direct-to-Home program affords brands the ability to deliver samples and/or product literature in custom polybags left at a consumer’s front door. With zero duplication, the Direct-to-Home program reaches target audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

Custom Product Sample Marketing

Promo Partners, Inc. has brought its long experience to achieve broad success for those seeking customized sampling programs for their products. We can do the same for you! PPI finds the best appropriate partner venues to secure the market penetration that product samplers seek. We manage the program with the care and attention to detail that each deserve, whether one that is on-going solo, part of a co-op or newly created custom program designed to fit a product's specific target.